And then what?

You know why the world is moving?

Or why things are the way they are?

It’s because the vast majority of people don’t ask themselves one simple question…

‘And then what?”

I want to crack this exam..

‘And then what?’

I want to elope with her..

‘And then what?’

I want that luxury car..

‘And then what?’

I want to be famous..

‘And then what?’

We all progress taking one step at a time.

We all progress with one goal under consideration.

But no matter how many steps we take

There still remains a deep yearning.

For something that we can’t explain.

A nihilist knows that it is a vicious circle.

A nihilist knows that it is all ‘pointless.’

(Yes, true nihilism is spirituality inverted)

But thank god nihilists don’t rule this world.

And thank god nor do the spiritualists.

Else the whole world would be asking ‘And then what?’

Sure, both nihilism and spirituality help us face the abyss.

As well as the endless void that we all have deep in our hearts.

For they realise the ‘pointlessness’ of everything.

But if all the people in the world start asking themselves “and then what?”

Life as we know it would end.

The world would come to a standstill.

No one would achieve anything (for a true nihilist there is no such thing as an achievement)

Do you realise it?

Just a simple question – ‘And then what?’

But its consequence?


My advice?

Don’t be enlightened if you want to ‘achieve’ something.

Don’t ever ask yourself – ‘And then what?’

For if you do, the world wouldn’t remain the same.

Neither for you.

Nor for the others.

7 Thoughts

  1. Very beautifully written !!…and the food for thought actually keeps me wondering that I wouldn’t have done most of the things in my life if I would have asked this question…life would have been completely blank if I would have cared about the answer to this question


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