India and Beyond: Midnight Meditations

Book Description

Have Hindus become intolerant after 2014?
Why do humans want sex?
What is ‘real communism’?
Will the world discard Einstein’s relativity and the Big Bang Theory soon?
What will happen to the major world religions if aliens arrive?
Should Pakistan be taught as a case study in universities?
Why do the ruling elites hate Savarkar or just ignore him at the very least?
Are women superior to men and the world doesn’t need the latter?
Can India ever be a superpower?
Is English education a curse or boon for Indians?

Find the answers to these and many more in India and Beyond, an opinionated book by Abhaidev.

‘India and Beyond’ contain midnight musings of a lonely man, who penned down his thoughts, unfiltered and untainted. Caveat: Those who are too sensitive about their notions and nuts about their political inclinations should avoid reading this book. People from both ends of the political spectrum may find the write-ups challenging the current beliefs and narratives they subscribe to.

This is not a piece of academic work, but a collection of random, late-night thoughts, sapiosexuals dream of discussing with their soulmates, sitting next to a bonfire, in the midst of extreme winters.

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