Why we will never get sick of superhero tv-shows and movies

1. Special Effects

In the age of computer-generated graphics and special effects, it is possible to show almost anything which we can’t, normally. Remember, the craze when we first saw dinosaurs roaming amongst humans (Jurassic Park)? Or the mind-bending action scenes of the matrix trilogy (they raised the bar with each subsequent movie)? For the first time, after decades of substandard special effects, the movie producers actually proved they can provide their audience with a surreal experience. With the advent of Marvel and DC adaptions, the standards were further raised to a whole new level. Special care was taken to make the special effects bizarre yet believable. So much emphasis was given to this area and so much budget was allocated that the plots of the movies were no longer relevant. As someone said, Marvel movies can’t be categorized as cinema but rather as amusement and theme park experience delivered on the big screen. With plots taking a backstage and emphasis purely on the effects, there indeed came a time when people began saying, “Enough is enough. Too much is happening at the same time.” And that’s when the movie and TV show makers realized that minimalism is better (Antman) and strong plots are even better (Netflix Marvel TV shows). Thus started a new wave. Yes, cool special effects, but don’t overdo it. Conclusion? Most people usually don’t go to cinema halls to watch realistic art films, portraying the grim realities of everyday life. They go to these theatres to escape from their boring, monotonous world. As long as the moviemakers play it right, people would keep on craving for more and more bizarre scenes which they can never witness in the real world.

2. People are looking for a saviour

No matter how strong a person is, no matter whether this person believes in God or is an atheist, there still is a deep yearning in his/her that one individual, one special person could solve all his/her problems and set things right for good and all. And this is not the wishful thinking of just the geeky comic book addicts. This is a belief firmly held by the majority of the people. People look for personal saviours in their spouses, their friends, their leaders, and even pets (a lot of people say their pet changed their life forever). So, the hope that there should be least someone who will look after us, care for us, protect us from time to time is quite natural. And this not because humans are essentially insecure beings. This is because we are social beings who face daily challenges not only from our own kind but from external factors too (for example, climate change… Does that ring a bell? Remember the success of Captain Planet on Cartoon Network?). And here is where superheroes come into the picture. The modern man is far too independent and self-reliant to depend on God. Instead, he is looking for an Ubermensch (Nietzsche, Superman). The modern man firmly believes that we are capable of creating individuals who would be Gods amongst us. “It is in our hands,” he says. However, with that comes the realization that we humans have limits. But what if there were special people, who looked just like us? What if there were special people who lived amongst us, shared common human values, and were virtuous and brave enough to make this world a better place to live? Superhumans. Yes, people with superpowers. With this idea, humans not only got rid of the old gods but also created their own modern-day myths. A fancy world where impossible is possible, without the need for divine intervention. Gods are no longer needed for we have our own demi-Gods, our own supermen. In fact, the critiques of superhero movies and TV shows go as far as to say that a modern-day man is a confused one. He wants to get rid of God, yet want one. And in the process, we have created a new silly cult – the cult of superheroes. So much so that people now spend more time and money on superhero t-shirts, collectables, toys, products, etc. than they spent on religious activities earlier (look at the success of comic con festivals). There are cosplays, there are private events, there are fan-fiction stories and god knows what? It has exploded. Yet, people are not sick of it. All of this because of one simple reason. Whether kids or adults, we all wish for a personal saviour in our lives. Someone. Someone special who will set everything right.

So, Summing up –

Superhero movies and TV shows are here to stay. Although, they all follow the same broader plot – “overcoming a monster”, people will still look forward to them. However, the producers have to tread carefully now. Minimalism and intricacy of the plots. As long as they focus on these two things, it would take a long long time for the point of saturation to arrive.

4 Thoughts

  1. I think, there would always be series of audience, who would be entralled by the special effects and realistic feelings. I won’t be surprised that we may have 5 d /6 d movies where we will feel that everything is happening around us in real time. So yeah, it’s going to stay as we would like to live our fantasy.

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  2. My son is completely crazy about superheros…it gives him an adrenaline rush and builds excitement to watch them doing such impossible things..so yes, as a mom, I am happy if they entertain him and spread a good message behind

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