Who is Abhaidev?

Abhaidev is the pen name of Mayank Chandna, an MDI Gurgaon alumnus.

After working for a while in an investment bank, I took the plunge and quit that boring job of mine to venture into the exciting world of writing, something I always wanted to do.

My penchant for continental philosophy and craze for progressive house and indie music has nettled my simple parents. I am an avid reader and devour classics and science books. Like most people with a DSLR, I love flaunting my non-existent photography skills on social media platforms.

I love challenging my limits and believe that there is nothing nobler in this world than possessing an intense desire to learn. I am seeking transcendence in the practice of art and hope to pen down stories that are not run-of-the-mill.

Why the name ‘Abhaidev’?

The name ‘Abhaidev’ means ‘one who is free of fear.’ I am not an Abhaidev. Not yet. But it is what I aspire to become one day. I am one of the few children who named themselves. Yeah, you heard it right. I chose my name when I was four! And later, when I ventured into the world of writing, I realized that life was giving me opportunity to rename myself. People change by constant suggestion. Right? Perhaps, reading and hearing the name ‘Abhaidev’ again and again would really make me one. I had to choose this pen name, you know? Yes, that’s how my mind works.