The Gods Are Not Dead

Book Description

What will you be if nothing could stop you? What would you do if you knew you were indestructible?

Everything in Shaurya’s life was comfortably mundane until he discovers his special, newly acquired abilities.

High on this newly attained aleatory power, he is restless, wandering aimlessly. He doesn’t know how to use his abilities for the benefit of humanity. But when he meets Megha, a mysterious yet sagacious woman, his life gets the explosive spurt he needed.

Driven by a desire to serve, Shaurya’s path will be tough. Only Megha can teach him how to navigate the edge effectively. In their partnership, she is the Aristotle to his Alexander; the Chanakya to his Chandragupta. She directs, and he performs. Together, they complement each other perfectly.

Their vision is mammoth and their path precipitous, but they are willing to give their all, no matter what the cost.

Sometimes, it takes just one Sisyphus to change the world. Or perhaps two. But no matter how many times the boulder rolls down, the process must start again—ad infinitum. 

Maybe it’s God’s will. Or maybe not. But He is certainly not dead. He will never be.

Some early reviews (pre-release)

God can never be dead. Period!” – Beta Reader

“Prepare yourself to read something entirely different.” – Reader (ARC)

“There can never be a spiderman in this world, but only Shauryadev” – Beta Reader

“The story takes an extremely sharp turn from the middle of the book but for good.” – Reader (ARC)

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