Why Relativity might be wrong (Opinion. Agree to disagree)

Thomas Kuhn wrote about how the scientific worldview changes with time. He also proposed a process, which is now known as Kuhnian Paradigm Shift. Which basically tells how model revolutions take place in the field of science.

To many, we have already undergone it with the emergence and acceptance of the theory of relativity in the scientific community. But there are others (dissidents) who disagree. They instead say we are in the model crisis stage. And within a few decades, we would have a better model than relativity (No scientific model is right or wrong. It can only be better or worse). These models that physicists come up with are not universal truths. They just help us do better engineering. The better the model the better the engineering. But there comes a time when we find ourselves limited by our current understanding of the universe. The innovation stops. Thus, to do better engineering, there is no option left other than to update our model.

In this article, I will talk about why relativity might be wrong. These are not my personal opinions. These are the views of the leading dissident physicists of today, which the mainstream scientists refer to as the “crackpots”. I don’t know who is right. But remember, Copernicus too was once considered a crackpot by the establishment of his times.
So, without wasting any time, let’s jump in!

Reasons why relativity (both general and special) might be wrong

There is no such thing as time dilation

I wrote quite a lot about it in my previous article about time. I will not take not more space for that on this page. But here is what most of the dissidents are of the view:

“Lorentz was right. There is no such thing as time dilation. Instead, what happens in high-speed spacecraft is clock retardation. Hell, time isn’t even a dimension (sorry, folks, you can’t travel back in time to kill Hitler when he was a child). It is the measurement of motion. When you say an atomic clock loses time, you are basically saying it is not performing up to mark in a low gravity environment. Take an hourglass into space. The sand will stop falling. Does that mean time has stopped? No! It only means that your mechanical device is not functioning in a zero-gravity environment. Since all clocks are manmade mechanical devices, they won’t function properly in a low gravity environment. Yes, gravity affects the clocks and not the laws of the theory of relativity. Clock retardation doesn’t mean time dilation. It just means we are not able to measure the flow of time properly when the clock is aboard a spacecraft or a satellite.”

Light bends due to the corona of the stars

The earliest “proof” of relativity being right was the bending of light measured during an eclipse as it had travelled close to a star. The scientific community rejoiced. Light bends near stars. But is it due to gravity as Einstein predicted?

Dr. Edward Dowdye, a retired NASA scientist and a LASER optics physicist and electronics Engineer says otherwise. He opines that light bends due to the corona of the sun (the outer gaseous portion). So it is the refraction that is doing the bending and not the gravity. If Dr. Dowdye is proved right, it would be a big blow to relativity. Let’s see what the future has in its store for Physics. But one thing is clear. Nobody calls Dr. Dowdye a crackpot. His credentials as a NASA engineer are too big to declare him one. The mainstream scientists call him a dissident though.

Physicists with PhDs in relativity are abandoning it

Cynthia Whitney, a physicist with a PhD thesis in Special Relativity Theory, from MIT has gone full rebel.
In her own words :

“The interviewer presented a ring laser gyroscope (a technology based on the Sagnac effect), described the occasional operational problems that it presented, and asked me what I thought.  I had done my PhD thesis in SRT, and I thought SRT could surely reveal something about the ring laser gyroscope’s problems.  So Draper Lab asked me to give it a try.”

“Now the fact is this: The Sagnac effect is fatal to SRT as presently practiced.  Draper people already knew that, and I soon knew it too.  And that is how I became a Dissident Physicist.”

And this is just one story. Every day a PhD in relativity is joining the movement against Einstein’s relativistic Physics. Imagine, going against what defines you as a physicist. Imagine, going against what would feed you bread and butter. It takes a lot of courage to accept that the thesis you wrote for which you were awarded a degree was all wrong. Not many people can do that. But those who are motivated only by the search for the truth could go to any extent. Even at the cost of their reputation or livelihood.

“GPS doesn’t prove relativity is right, instead, it points out its flaws”

You must have heard GPS proves Einstein right endless number of times on mainstream news websites and science blogs and videos. You must have heard that we apply the laws of relativity to make it work (clock slows down on high-speed satellites). But is that really so? Is the mainstream scientific community hiding something?

Dr. Ron Hatch (RIP) is a known figure in the world of GPS technology. With more than 30 patents in the field, he is literally the GPS guru. He says what you hear is a complete lie. Instead of proving Einstein correct GPS proves him wrong. The reason why the data is not available to the public is that a lot of intellectual property rights are involved. They are never going to reveal their methodologies and calculations in the public domain. Imagine, an authority on GPS, who made millions through his patents, saying openly that relativity is wrong. Like Dr. Dowdey nobody calls Ron Hatch a crackpot. They can’t afford it. The guy has 30+ patents on GPS. 30+

In his own words:

“Why don’t we hear about this all over the news? Because no one, not even those in the billion-dollar GPS industry wants to reveal to the world that humankind’s most beloved scientist, may in fact be, dare we say it: MAY BE WRONG…”

Anyway, there is word out there that one has to add the speed of a satellite to the speed of light to make GPS work. If this true, then we are being lied to currently and it is just a matter of time relativity is discarded forever. According to relativity, the speed of light is the limit. Nothing can be added to it. The dissidents say the mainstream scientists are far too invested, are far too gone that they are scared of any drastic change. Replacing the entire contents of science books overnight? No! Such a thought bring shivers down the spines to the mainstream physicists, the dissidents are of the view.
“We will keep on adding patches after patches to make relativity work until it becomes another case of Epicycles and completely out of control.”

Let’s wait for the future. Only time will tell who was on the right side of history. Not you or me or these mainstream physicists or these dissidents.

There is no mass gain in the particle accelerators

I don’t have the reference for this one. But the word is out there amongst those who work in the field of particle physics and particle accelerators that no mass gain is observed in subatomic particles even when they are travelling close to light speed. What does relativity say? As you get closer to the speed of light, the mass will increase. If what the dissidents say is true, then we have been kept in the dark for long as a part of a conspiracy. We need access to the data. We need to know whether there is a gain in the mass of the subatomic particles travelling in the particle accelerators.

Summing up

Well, these are some of the examples and the reasons why relativity might be wrong. There is also a group of dissidents who refute even the big bang theory which every student learns in his school. They have their own logical arguments and their reasons. I will write an article on that too. But for now, I will close this piece by reiterating the words I wrote earlier.

A scientific model is not a universal truth. There is nothing wrong or right about it. Better the model, better the engineering that we can do. As we progress. An old model will be replaced by a better one. There is no one in the world who is not fallible. Not even the great Einstein! Let’s stop making gods out of people!

Please Note: There is a wonderful website called sciencewoke.org where one can read what the dissidents have to say. One can also visit the Dissident Science youtube channel to learn more about the opinions of these “crackpots” as the mainstream scientists refer to them.

3 Thoughts

  1. At once you are saying that no model could be right or wrong, it can be good or bad. But then you say RT is wrong. Anyway its a model. Our vision is restricted by what we can see one way or the other. Recently loki is talking about time travel. But then does not it mean that time is static. Too many confusion. Better to read the Influence 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What I said was in general. If what the dissidents say is true, then RT is wrong and we need to replace it one which is right for our time. Remember, Newtonian Physics helped us start the industrial revolution. If we feel the need to travel at more than light speed, but relativity doesn’t allow us to do that, then we need to replace it with a better one.


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