Why India is one of the best countries to live in…

Despite everything, despite everything you hear about India, despite everything you read on these mainstream news websites, India is one of the best countries to live in.
Yes, this is my opinion. And I have my good reasons for it.
Let’s take them one by one.

Number 1:

India is a land of opportunities. Unlike most of the nations of the developed world, India is in the growth phase. And any country which is in the growth phase is culturally and politically stable. Not only this. The people of such countries have a different outlook towards the world too. They are not disillusioned with the system. They are not disappointed with their leaders. They are not into anarchism. They want to be part of the growth story.
This is why people of such countries are less likely to rebel. They are less likely to create a ruckus. They are more willing to follow the “rules”. As long as there is growth, these people would be content, no matter how little they are starting from.
As against this citizens of a developed nation with little or no growth is usually highly frustrated no matter how much they have. Growth is what makes all the difference. It gives people the hope that things would improve in the future.
So even a poor man, even a mendicant does not have in his heart bitterness for the whole system. He is ready to participate.
Do you understand it now? India is different and its people are ideologically and emotionally stable, just because they believe they will have a brighter future. Not because of what they are now. But what they might become. This is one of the key reasons, why India is definitely a better place to reside in.

Number 2:

Ease of living.
Despite all this corruption at lower levels, despite all this bribery in bureaucracy, India is a place where you can get everything easily, everywhere.
You see, in developed countries, cities are mostly planned. So, you won’t find these small shops, you won’t find these fruitsellers, these cigarette sellers, these tea sellers at the roadside. Surely, these cities of developed countries look beautiful aesthetically. It’s pleasing to the eyes. But this planned beauty comes at a cost. You have to drive long distances in one direction to get one thing, and then in the other to get another.
Whereas in India, you’ll find these ugly looking street shops every ten feet. Hell, we even have these fruit and vegetable seller carts who will come to your colony and deliver you fresh fruits and vegetables right at your doorstep.
The point is that these roadside shops make our country look shabby. You will find it to be too much clutter. Certainly not pleasing to our eyes. Still, all these shabby-looking roadside shops and vendors make our lives very easy.
Sure, there are planned cities in India too. The mall culture is also catching up very fast. But consider this example. If you have DLF cybercity in Gurgaon, you also have Sadar Bazar in Gurgaon too. If you have all these malls there, you have also these roadside vendors arranged neatly in lines.
So, even in the big cities of India, you don’t have to drive to one corner to get some petty stuff. This I believe, is indeed an extremely positive point when it comes to ease of living.
I am repeating this. Sure this ease of living makes our country look unorganized and shabby and not pleasing to the eyes. But what’s the point of this outward beauty, if it makes your day to day life difficult? Right?

Number 3:

Maids and household servants.
Even a middle class Indian can afford a servant. Even a middle-class working woman can hire a cook to cook meals for her after a hectic day at work. Yes, unlike a western working woman, she doesn’t have to clean dishes too back at home. She can delegate the responsibility to a maid just for a few bucks. This is because we have income disparity.
There is a quote in my latest book, The Influencer, where the wife of my protagonist says:

“Funny, isn’t it? We middle-class people secretly want that the poor should remain poor, as poverty is a necessary condition for an easy supply of servants. Yet out in the open, we pretend that the penury of the masses concerns us deeply. We hide who we are and wear masks. All of us.”Abhaidev, The Influencer: Speed Must Have a Limit

Do you get it? While it is bad to have so much income disparity. But at the same time, if you are a middle-class household or better, this same income disparity becomes beneficial for you.
You don’t have to paint your own house. You have to learn carpentry or plumbing skills. You don’t even have to clean your bathroom and toilets. Just hire the concerned worker or a maid who works in shifts at multiple homes, and get the work done.
Don’t get me wrong. I too want this income disparity in my country to narrow down. What I am doing is just stating the facts. A middle-class Indian has a much better life than a middle-class American. No matter how many advanced gadgets and stuff middle-class Americans can afford, what they can’t afford in the USA is a maid, plumber, painter etc.
There is a famous dialogue of a Hindi movie, Deewar, when anti-hero Big B says, “Mere pass gaadi hai, Bangla hai, bank balance hai. Tumhare pass kya hai.” (“I have a car. I have a big house. I have money. What do you have?”)
To this, the good younger brother replies, “Mere pass Maa hai. Maa!” (“I have mother. Mother.”) 😛

I have twisted this dialogue a little. It goes like this.
Once my NRI friend who lives in the USA said, “Mere pass dollars hai, green card hai, California mein Ghar hai, Audi hai. Tumhare pass kya hai?” (“I have dollars, green card, a house in California, and an Audi. What do you have?”)
To which I responded by saying, “Mere pass kaam wali bai hai. Bai!” (“I have a maid. Maid!”) 🤣😛

Anyway, point is, even a middle class Indian can afford to delegate his responsibilities of doing these menial household tasks, by spending some bucks. But a middle-class US citizen? Never!

Number 4:

Huge workforce in a services-driven economy.
Services in India are top-notch. I think no country can ever match us.
You want A2 cow milk at your doorstep? There are 100s of startups and apps for that. You want to have a pedicure at your home. Well use the app, and a beautician would arrive at your home within minutes to make your feet pretty.
Even when it comes to supply chain and logistics we have taken a giant leap just in five years. Indian courier services are the cheapest.
Well, I think you probably already know it, but let me bring it to your notice again. In India, internet data is the cheapest in the world. No wonder why everyone here is high on this WhatsApp video forwards, and these youtube shorts and these reels, no matter what the financial condition.
The point is, not only there is the easy availability of everything, be it a product or a service, It is also quite too cheap to live and survive in India. Yes, it all comes to purchasing power.
Many people do this wrong comparison, by comparing India’s per capita GDP in dollars with the per capita GDP of the people of the other nations. Come on! We are not spending this per capita dollar income in the USA. We are living in India. So we are spending it here. And in India, US dollars have a high purchasing power. So, it should always be PPP and not nominal, whenever you are making a comparison. This is why they developed this concept of the Big Mac index. Right?

Number 5:

Indians are family-oriented.
Yes, like all Asian countries our ties with our families is super strong. Your parents, your relatives won’t abandon you midway. They will come to your rescue whenever you are in trouble. Well, there are exceptions indeed. We too have a lot of dysfunctional families. But in general, here in India,  your family will support you in every step of yours.

Number 6:

Diverse culture, climate, food choices etc.
Do you like cool mountains, well you can live in the Himalayan states? Do you like those serene tropical beaches? Well, you can live in Goa. India’s diversity is so great, that it is incomprehensible. India is a world in itself. You can find thousands of different cuisines, thousands of different fresh vegetables and fruits (there is nothing that can’t grow here), and thousands of different climate conditions. The choices an Indian have is innumerable. And one is always free to make the right one for oneself.

Number 7:

Despite what you read or hear on these news channels and websites, India is a safe country to live in. Sure, the number of crime incidences in India are high. But one-sixth of the world’s population lives here. What matters is the crime rate.
And despite what you hear, India is not that unsafe for women too. The reason why people say, “India is the rape capital” is because we give too much importance to rape news.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying rape is not a small thing. But do you see rape news on the front page of the New York Times or Washington Post? The answer is no! But here in India, we are so sensitive about this that it becomes a national issue and finds its place on the front page.
Partly because we are too sensitive about the “purity” of the women and partly because it is a part of a hidden agenda of some of these shady entities who want to defame India on the global level as a geopolitical and economic strategy.
Yes, rapes happen here all the time. But we are a population of 135 crores, i.e. 1.35 billion. Everything will happen here in large numbers. Rapes, Suicides, Drug Abuse, Theft, Homicides, etc. India will top the list in every aspect just because of the sheer number.
So, please don’t defame us. I urge you to do some research before you post that derogatory comment on social media. What matters is per capita. Not just the total number. Even if you go by the argument, that most of these crimes are unreported, and even if you factor it in, we are still nowhere close to other nations, when it comes to the per capita crime rate.

Well, that’s it! 🙂
Because of all these reasons, here is my conclusion –
India is one of the best countries to live in.
Despite everything, you hear or read.

So, I urge my non-Indian brother and sisters, to visit this nation, once this Corona thing is over. Many of your misconceptions about us (if you have them) will be shattered.

Well, on this note, I will close my monologue. 🙈
If you have any inputs or comments, do post them below.
Our consciousness and intellect increase with healthy discussions and the exchange of opinions. This one-way traffic is rarely useful, right?
Well, Thanks a lot for your time.
I will come up with another one on a different topic next time. 😏
Till then, Goodbye! 🙂❤

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