It’s true! Indians are more obsessed with sex than westerners

Am I obsessed with sex? Are you obsessed with sex? Are Indians obsessed with sex in general?
Hello, everyone! This article is a result of the questions I received as a response to my previous articles on sexual fetishes.

Well, as far as the opening questions are concerned, I wouldn’t want to answer the first one. ๐Ÿ˜œ And certainly, I don’t know about the second one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But I do have the answer to the third. Yes, Indians are way more obsessed with sex when compared to our western counterparts. And the short reason is – because we are simply not having it enough.
But this isn’t satisfactory, right?
So, let me elaborate a little.

There are multiple cues from which one can understand that Indians are more obsessed with sex. I will list them one by one. But before I proceed, I want to clarify, I am not talking about India as a nation-state in the present form. By, Indians, I mean, people of the whole Indian subcontinent. And I am also including middle eastern countries in list of sex-obsessed nations. Which are even more obsessed with sex according to me. But let’s forget about them, as we gonna discuss Indians and Indians alone.

Anyway, you must be awaiting the indications.
Well, here are they –

Number 1: Sex is the most important and perhaps the only yardstick through which we measure an individual’s character. Yes, instead of taking it as a part of life, we give too much importance to the sexual behaviour of a person. A person may be super kind, helpful and magnanimous, honest and law-abiding, but if he or she is even a bit wayward when it comes to fulfilling one’s sexual needs, he or she is declared a characterless, womanizer or a slut in the case of a woman. In countries like India, you can’t freely assert yourself as a sexual being. As against this, a highly corrupt person (both money-wise and politically), an individual who hurts others or take bribes is okay, as long as he or she is faithful to his partner. So, you see, the point to be noted is – In India, it is okay to take bribes and harass others but not okay to have consensual sex with multiple adult partners. This tells us about our deep obsession with sex and sexual purity. We don’t do it much, however, we spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Number 2:
We are too much concerned about what a woman is wearing. Here is a thumb rule – The more women are expected to cover themselves, the more obsessed the society and culture is with sex. I am not saying that women should go around naked, just to prove a point. But, a society that is deeply obsessed with what a woman wears is also deeply obsessed with sex. Indeed, there are two Indias. Many women wear revealing clothes these days in our nation. But do people take it as something normal? It is a question we must ask ourselves.

I shouldn’t be digressing much, but the topic calls for that. I have noted that the majority of the people in the Indian subcontinent and the middle east have this notion that white women are scantily dressed in general. Some jerks even view them as sluts. But as far as I have noted, white women are the most “decently” dressed women in the world. In fact, Indian women dwelling in the cities are wearing much more revealing clothes these days. But it doesn’t mean people take it as normal. However, in the west it is. This is the difference.

In the west, women are free to wear anything, yet they don’t. In India, women are not, that is precisely the reason why some of the rebel kinds purposely wear these “revealing” clothes to draw eyes or show middle fingers to the expectations of the male-dominated society. While in the west, there are hardly a few idiots who do moral policing and issue guidelines when it comes to what a woman should be wearing, in the present-day Indian subcontinent you’ll find these good for nothing fellows everywhere. You have these in-laws you can’t piss. You have these old aunties and neighbours whom you don’t wanna give an opportunity to label you with some offensive term. Point is, sex is always at the back of our minds. No, we aren’t thinking about the act. However, it is a subtle emotion. Like an undercurrent. Below the conscious mind.

The case is similar to a woman who spends too much time beautifying herself. No, she isn’t thinking about the act when she is visiting a nail art cafe. And maybe she is not thinking about the men too when she is getting her legs waxed. All she cares about is beautifying her body alone. All she cares about is being more sexually attractive than other women.

An undercurrent, you see. This thought of sex. An emotion that is not on the surface, visible to others. But a thought which is beneath the conscious mind. Not manifested in its entirety. Yes, I am not exaggerating, dear ladies. Whenever someone is asking you to cover yourself, he or she is thinking about sex. Whenever someone has these dos and don’ts and guidelines to what a woman can wear, it is a case of obsession with sex.

I would like to repeat it. Obsession not with the actual act, per se. But an undercurrent, completely invisible to naive and undiscerning eyes. A hidden and suppressed emotion. Hidden by multiple layers of ersatz sophistication. To sum up, the more covered up women are supposed to be, the more obsessed that society is. I am talking about India, here. Forget the middle east. They are on a whole different level with comes to obsession with sex and sexual purity in women. I must also add that I am talking about India of the present times. In ancient India, things were the opposite. Women could wear anything. As it can be concluded by seeing the idols in the ancient south Indian temples. Hell, you see women wearing the Bermudas and bikini sort of thing. Yes, so open-minded we were back those days. This transformation from what we were to what is now, and why we got here, to this stage, is a topic for a separate video. It can’t be covered here.

Anyway, without much ado, let’s get to the third and the most important sign.

Number 3: We do it less. But think about it. And talk about it a lot. Like I am doing it now. ๐Ÿ˜ Yes, according to almost all of the studies and the surveys, Indians are amongst the list of people, that have the least amount of sexual encounters, annually. There are many reasons for that. For example, lack of privacy in a joint family, having kids quite soon after marriage, sex is still a taboo, a forbidden fruit. People who assert their sexual needs are frowned upon in this society, especially women. Too much importance to studies and careers in our prime years, etc. The list is quite long. As a result, instead of involving ourselves in the act, we think, ponder and talk a lot about it. Our sexual needs are suppressed. And anything that is forcibly suppressed, haunts our mind all the time. So much so, that for many this thought of sex is at the back of their minds all the time.

Consider the example of Bollywood films. I say Bollywood is far more obsessed with sex than Hollywood. Remember the 80s and 90s where our hero’s sister was raped by the villain in almost all the movies and all he wanted was revenge? Forget that. Have you noticed how long they drag these love games in our movies? The sexual tension between the hero and heroine remains throughout the movie. There is no release. They long for union, but the love affair is never consummated. As against this, in a Hollywood movie, sex and romance is a passing affair and a part of life. There will be one big kiss or one big sex scene. That’s it! The main story, the main plot soon takes over.

Cinema is indeed the reflection of society. The all-pervasive sexual tension in our desi movies is just a reflection of the all-pervasive sexual tension in an individual. Sexual tension with no relief. Thankfully, things are changing in Bollywood too. We too are now focussing more on the plot and less on the love games and the chase. Which is indeed a reflection of change that is gradually coming into our society.
To sum up this point, the only way we can become less obsessed with sex is by having it more and talking and thinking about it less.
The people of our nation are indeed shifting towards that. But very slowly.

On this note, I will end this article (yes, I should stop talking and thinking about sex too ๐Ÿ˜…).
Do let me know how you perceive my opinions.
Whether you agree with them or not.
The comment section is all yours.
Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

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