What’s with men and foot fetish? πŸ€”

Foot fetish. And why it is so common among men?
Well, this article is the result of a question I received as a response to my previous article on fetishes.

I am not going to tell you what a foot fetish is. We all know that. (Well unless you are living under a rock). What I am going to tell you is what kind of men have it.

Well, there are basically three popular explanations for it. The first is a Freudian one which says foot symbolises phallus. The second is more traditional, the most accepted one, which says that it is a result of constant but accidental and unintentional pavlovian type conditioning during early years.
The pre-adolescence, you know?
The third is the latest one by V.S. Ramachandran who basically proposed that because the area of the brain that responds to genitals and the area that responds to feet are next to each other, some people develop this fetish.

Different people choose different reasonings as per their convenience. But that is not the crux of the issue. The question is what’s with men who have a foot fetish as many women wonder with an ugly frown on their face.
To understand that, we must first understand the kind of foot fetishists that are out there. Yes, I am an armchair psychologist. πŸ˜‰
Anyway, After research and a lot of contemplation, I categorized the foot fetishists into two broad categories I came up with myself.
The believers and the dabblers.
Let’s talk about them one by one.

The Believers

Believers. Well, who are they?
Believers, you see, follow foot fetishism as a cult when it comes to sex.
Believers, you see, are the ones on whom all three explanations I just told are applicable.
These men don’t care about the looks and identity of the person to who the feet belong.
They only care about the looks of the feet and feet alone. The feet must be beautiful, properly pedicured, properly shaped, etc. Nail paint on the toenails? Well, that’s icing on the cake.

Do you get it?
It is foot fetishism in its truest form.
The feet of a woman becomes the sole focus of these men during lovemaking.
I am not gonna talk about the details.
These believers are a whole different breed, altogether. There are a lot of nuances. Not all these men have the same preference when it comes to this fetish. There are a lot of shades, colours and hues. In fact, it is a full rainbow in itself. Some like feet in those sexy red heels, some like that shiny nail paint on the toenails, some like those curvy high arches, some like the smooth soles, etc. The list is, therefore, simply endless.

Point is, believers are foot fetishists in the truest sense. They are the ones who care about the feet and feet alone. And their shape and their looks. They are the ones who are hopelessly addicted to them for their sexual satisfaction. They repeat the same thing over and over again, without any change, just like the myth of Sisyphus. And they are the ones who have a very difficult time convincing their partners about their quirk. These believers, you see, are therefore the real “weirdos” as “normal” people call them. Their foot fetish is lifelong. There is no cure for their obsession.

Now let’s get to the second variant.

The Dabblers

Well, dabblers are completely different from the believers. Their foot fetish is not the end but the means to achieve something else.
And what do they want to achieve?
So you see, their foot fetishism is temporary.
More than caring about the looks and shape of the feet, these people care about the looks and identity of the person to whom the pair of feet belong.
And what they do with a woman’s feet is completely different from the believers.
Instead of calling it foot fetish, they call it foot worship.

I think you are now getting a clear idea.
The reason why these dabblers are into foot worship is that it is the easiest, the safest, the most hygienic way of submitting to a dominant woman. Yes, you are thinking it right.
The dabblers are sexually submissive men.
But why feet? Why not something else?

Well, I will explain this by a scenario.
Suppose you are a sexually submissive man, who wants an escape by submitting to your dominant goddess. Now, what would you do?
You can try BDSM. But is it safe? Do you have the equipment, those costly toys? Is it something readily accessible? Do you have the time and money and privacy to set it all up at your home?
Now imagine, the lowest point of a woman’s body touching the highest point of yours, i.e. your face. Imagine you giving the highest importance to the part of her body she neglects the most. Are you getting it? It is the ultimate symbol of dominance. And the easiest act.

So, you see, these dabblers are just realising their deepest fantasies through foot worship.
They are not stuck to it. Their foot fetishism is more a result of their kink and their vivid imagination rather than the fetish itself.
Foot worship for them is therefore just a role play.

The moment these people find a safer way to realise their femdom fantasies, they will switch to something else. Dabblers are therefore the ones on whom none of the three explanations I told in the beginning, is applicable. They are not hopelessly addicted to women’s feet. They are not stuck in some endless circle. They are not Sisyphus who will repeat the same thing over and over. And there is no pavlovian type conditioning involved.

These dabblers are quite open to trying new stuff as long their basic fantasy of submitting to a dominant woman is fulfilled. These men are therefore not those weirdos who get instantly triggered and get fired up by the mere sight of a woman’s feet alone. They have to do a lot of mental work to reach their peak.

These are the nasty boys (πŸ˜‰) with kinks with an extremely vivid and active imagination.
And they outnumber believers by a very large number. So much so, that I can say with absolute certitude that most of the men with foot fetishes are dabblers. They will dabble and experiment throughout their whole lives. Foot fetish for them is not a cult of some sort. It is not the end. It is just the means. And just the means.

I think now you have a clear picture. About both these believers and these dabblers, as I have categorized them.

Well, I am gonna end my article here.
Let me know what you think about my views.
And please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. πŸ™‚

One thought

  1. Being married to a man that loves my feet is a blessing. Not only can he orgasm while sucking and kissing them, I get much satisfaction with him massaging them and working on my heels. Also my feet are available most of the time for him to service. Take it another step further, bring him shoe shopping with you and have him kneel in front of you putting on and removing your shoes while other woman look in awe. He gets hard and I get a little wet, its a win win situation. We have done this for years.. Having a man worship your feet is very powerful. If you get the chance don’t miss out.


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