The Meaning of Life

Let me tell you in plain and simple words…

There isn’t any (meaning)!

We would like to think there is…

Or we may even try creating it for ourselves and find it in things as simple as family, work, or something grandiose as serving for an ideological cause, etc.

But these are ways to stall time.

These are ways to deceive ourselves.

Like a child who is busy only till the moment, he has a toy.

The meaning that we create for ourselves keeps us busy and prevent us from despair.

In the end, deep inside, we all know that nothing makes any sense.

Yet, we all create a purpose for ourselves.

A purpose which keeps us engaged.

EMIs for home loans, child’s education and his/her upbringing, luxury car, that top, most coveted position at your organization.

Do you get it?

We create purposes and goals to keep ourselves busy.

Which at the same time also helps us realise our true potential.

But is that why we are all here?

Is that the true meaning of life?

To set goals and achieve them?

I say, no!

But sadly that is the only option we have.

Yes, the existence doesn’t make any sense indeed.

However, things are not so bleak.

Maybe we should keep on deceiving ourselves.

Maybe it is better not to think so much.

As most of us don’t have the heart to gaze directly into the abyss.

Therefore, ‘the Universe is meaningless’ is not a reason to give up.

Instead, it is the very reason why we should gravitate towards creative endeavours.

You may find plenty of people (conmen) who claim to know the true meaning of life.

But their meaning need not be that of yours.

Create a meaning yourself…

The one that suits your temperament and abilities.

The one that is well-tuned to your needs and wants.

For it is the only toy that can keep you engaged for a lifetime.

And that is what really matters.

A happy, busy and an entertained kid…

Which is what we all deserve to be.

4 Thoughts

  1. Completely in sync with your thoughts… everyone has their own purpose of life…for some it’s kids, for some career and for some it’s their passion… identify your purpose and live life to the fullest

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    1. Yes, Ritu.
      We shouldn’t seek the opinion of others, especially not the conmen (motivational speakers, and you know who).
      We should create our own meaning.
      The one that helps us live peacefully. The one that helps us thrive. Doesn’t matter whether we are wrong in the eyes of others, or deceiving ourselves, or just passing time in our own way.
      All that matters is – We must be at peace with ourselves.

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