An artist that doesn’t care

Garden Orb web spider(weaver) casts its net every late evening only to remove it completely at dawn.

It is the only example of an artist creating their art and destroying it later and then creating it again the next day and pulling it down.

Photo that I clicked today early morning before dawn

We, artists and writers, are so attached to our creations and that we can’t let them go.

Some writers even feel humiliated and indignant when a publisher or an editor ask them to rewrite their works or redact a part of them.

But this freak of a little creature doesn’t care.

Like a Sisyphus, it goes on and on.

This spider is not a fool.

And certainly it is not tired of the endless repetition.

Like Camus said : “One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

Art for art’s sake, nothing else.

Clearly, the spider doesn’t desire immortality in the history books like most of the artists.

It is instead hardwired to do what it does.

Really, what a cool guy!

I shudder at the mere thought of losing my manuscripts.

So much so that I save them not only in cloud storage but on multiple physical storage devices as well.

I can’t let it go. And so do the majority of us.

People have Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)

But I fear this guy because of its courage and simply don’t care attitude.

It is true when people say, “great things come in small packages.”

What do you think?

Is it possible for humans to become an ‘Arjuna’ in today’s world?

Well, at least this guy is.

2 Thoughts

  1. Everybody has seen a spider web.
    Many could have seen it with awe, amazement and admired its geometry. Many more would like to place its pic on the wall. The web is fragile, unique but sturdy to catch other insects as its food. The author has noticed something very different in the spider from the average persons who shall not part with any of their possessions. Here the spider takes a big edge over the man because it destroys its only possession, the web coz it could create a new one again and again without knowing what it does with precision like no other. Very creative thought of the author.

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    1. Thank you, Sir, for your insight. Sometimes I think we humans are merely conscious enough to express ourselves and change our surroundings. But these little creatures, these are not mechanical machines without souls. How does a bee know how to create a perfect hexagonal honeycomb? How did this spider create this beautiful web with perfect precision. Nature is mysterious. Beyond our comprehension. We can’t just discount animals and insects just because they can’t talk or change their surroundings through engineering. They are much more than what we usually think of them.


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