Why men are more likely to develop sexual fetishes, kinks and deviance…

Fetishes. And why it is men who usually have them.
Well, I didn’t plan on writing this article.
This was a random request on Instagram DM.
Apparently, after watching my Hindutva video, this girl thought I am some sort of an expert.
Which I am not.
But since I have read so much stuff on varied topics, I do have very strong opinions on almost every subject. Right or wrong.
So, as far as the topic is concerned, here are my two cents.
I believe there are basically three reasons  why men are more likely to have fetishes, kinks and sexual deviance.
Let’s discuss them one by one.

Number 1

From head to toe, every part of a woman is highly sexualized by our society.
You will see women grooming their long hair. Or threading their eyebrows. Or waxing their hands and legs. Or trying different shades of nail paints and nail art, etc. The point is – no scope is left to beautify even the most trivial part of a woman’s body.

And then are there these accessories which are meant for women and women alone. Those sexy red heels. Those shiny anklets. The soft feather touch fabric of their clothes and their undergarments. The styling and colours of their inner wears and fashion accessories. Their shapes and curves.

Are you getting it? These fashion designers and trendsetters leave no stone unturned to exploit every opportunity they get to sexualize women and stuff related to them. Naturally, some men notice these little things. And hence they develop an affinity for these superficial aspects.

Number 2

Sex is a very very physical thing for men. I am not saying it is not a physical thing for women. Sex by definition itself is a physical act. But you see, unlike men, women have to do a lot of mental work to reach their peak. No wonder why erotica and romance is still a popular genre amongst women, despite the flood of all these modern visual mediums of information. This is why you see more men consuming visual stuff for their arousal as compared to women.

Point is, while men peak early and mostly  underperform, in the case of women it is the exact opposite. And because this arousal is a very visual and physical affair for men, it is easy for them to get triggered instantly with the smallest of the things and details, you wouldn’t even believe.

I have male friends who openly say that they like long, smooth hairs, or that sexy collarbone, or those sleek and shiny legs, or those kinky heels, or those bras with decorative laces, etc. The list is simply endless.

Trust me, every person has quirks. Something that tickles the nerves, you know? It’s okay. There is nothing in the world that is abnormal unless it is immoral or hurts someone. The problem arises only when this weird sexual taste becomes an unhealthy obsession. A kind of pavlovian association and conditioning. When it becomes impossible for a person to get off until the fetishistic elements are present and the kinky desires are fulfilled. And when like Arjuna, these people only focus on the eye of the fish, with complete indifference to as well as disregard for the rest of that fish.

Number 2

This is the continuation of reason number 2. As I told you, sex is a very very visual and physical thing for men. So how are they gonna spice it up? How are they gonna add colours if they peak so early and don’t last for long? Well, they do so by experimenting with the physical aspects and physical aspects of the act alone. And there comes a time when they finally find their calling, their leaning. And that’s some of them get stuck and a fetish is developed.

Consider this analogy. We all try different flavours when it comes to ice creams, right? But there is a certain favourite, a certain preference that tickles our taste buds the most. For example, for me it is butterscotch. But that’s not an issue. It will only become an issue when I will stop trying different flavours for a change and only consume butterscotch and butterscotch alone.

The same is the case with kinks and sexual fetishes. Everything is all right until the person refuses to try something different. Until that person imposes his will on an unwilling partner. We all know that obsessive tendencies are more common in men. No wonder why that’s the case with different fetishes too.

Well, these are my opinions. I might be completely wrong. Or just partially right. But these are the conclusions are arrived at by myself. As I was not satisfied by the answers I got by reading books.

Do tell me what do you think about these opinions of mine. Whether you agree with them or not. I will come up with more articles in the future to titillate your brains. Till then, Goodbye. 😏

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